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About The Boston Jazz Chronicles

The Boston Jazz Chronicles: Faces, Places, and Nightlife 1937–1962 is the first book to document the the birth and growth of the Boston jazz scene at mid-century. It describes the formative big-band and wartime years, and follows the scene’s dramatic postwar growth, when Boston became a destination for young veterans and big band musicians seeking new direction. Turn to The Boston Jazz Chronicles for more on:

Boston Jazz Chronicles front cover

The Boston Jazz Chronicles is also a story of places now lost to time. The jazz haunts are gone, replaced by offices, apartments, and parking lots. But through these years there was music, at the Savoy Café, the Ken Club, the Hi-Hat, the Stable, and other rooms both rowdy and refined.

The book’s front cover shows a view of Huntington Avenue in Boston, looking toward Copley Square and Trinity Church from the intersection of Huntington and Exeter Street. The image shows the entrance to Storyville, the most important of the Boston clubs in the 1950s.

The Boston Jazz Chronicles (ISBN 978-0-9839910-0-7, 352 pages, $19.95) includes dozens of images and period maps, extensive notes, a bibliography, a discography, and a comprehensive index. It is distributed to bookstores and libraries through the Ingram Book Company, and available to readers online and through independent booksellers.

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