Editorial and Publishing Services

I was a technical writer and publishing specialist in the software industry for 30 years, and gave it up in 2012 to concentrate on projects that are more meaningful to me, and I hope more interesting to you. If you want to discuss topics like automated workflow or data tiering in very large file systems, I can still keep up my end of the conversation, but I don’t write about them. Technical writing is not a service I offer.

I might not be writing about software anymore, but the attributes that brought me success in that business are the same ones that make me successful now—I’m organized, thorough, detail-minded, and obsessed with getting the story right. And I can put those attributes and my professional experience to work for you.

What I offer on a work-for-hire basis is the ability to create the kind of content that you’ll find elsewhere on this site—work that is thoughtful, well-researched and well-written. Such narratives are illustrated with images if they are available, and could be about any number of subjects: a personal memoir, a family history, or the story of a place, thing or event. A significant building? The widget your uncle invented? A church choir? Your home town? I can help you create a story about things like these that are important to you. My services include:

Consulting. I do not run a full-service publishing company, but I have seen enough of publishing to be able to help you answer essential questions regarding how to proceed. One is whether to seek a publisher or pursue a self-publishing path for your print book or e-book, and the pros and cons of each. Should you decide to approach publishers with your idea, I can help you craft a book proposal to take to them. And I can advise on the sticky issue of rights and permissions.

Writing and editing. The type of service you need changes as ideas move through the publishing cycle. You might want to produce something as short as a 300-word blog post, for which you need a writer, or something as long as a manuscript running to tens of thousands of words, requiring research and editorial support.

If you need help on the front end of a large project, I can work with you as a development editor, assisting with strategy and manuscript development—developing ideas, organizing content and building a coherent manuscript. If you need help on the back end, I can serve as a copy editor—working with your manuscript on its style, accuracy and consistency.

Every project is different. I am currently working on two long-term projects, as a development editor on one (no names yet; I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement) and as an “as-told-to” writer on the second. If you would like to discuss your project to see if we have a match, please contact me by phone or email.

Online and offline research and fact checking for writers, editors and publishers. Research is passion of mine, and I can do offline research in Boston’s many archives and libraries, or online research on both the surface and deep webs. I also have access to fee-based services whose content lies outside the boundaries of normal searches.

Book indexing. An index is essential to a nonfiction book. I create an indexing style guide to ensure entry consistency, and build indexes in which a topic’s importance in the book can be determined by its importance in the index. Indexing is a subject I wrote about some years ago in a popular Routledge Publishing style guide for writers and editors.