Boston Jazz Chronicles: Corrections

Maybe it is inevitable. Despite the best efforts of the author, editor, and a few pre-publication readers, The Boston Jazz Chronicles contains errors. I note the corrections in this table. I would also like to thank the sharp-eyed readers who spotted and reported a few factual errors as well.

As written
32 Dan Murphy formed first band in 1930 and another in 1936. Murphy’s Musical Skippers were active from at least 1928, not 1930. He broke up the band in 1934, but reformed it in 1935, not 1936 as written.
39 Rippling Rhythm of Roly Rogers Rogers led a successful sweet band in Boston for years, but it was not Rippling Rhythm. That was Shep Fields. Rogers called his orchestra “the Little Symphony in Rhythm.” Rogers himself was known for his “Crooning Clarinet.”
47 Mal Hallett and Boston Conservatory Hallett was not at the Boston Conservatory. He studied violin with Emanuel Ondricek of the New England Conservatory of Music.
66 Jerry Heffron leaves Lewis band in 1943; Al Morgan joins in 1941. Heffron did not enter the service until 1944; he was still with Lewis in late spring of that year. Morgan joined the Lewis band in early 1942.
93 Nick Jerret entered U.S. Army in 1943. I was informed by a family member that Jerret was not in the service in World War II, and that he was in Boston in 1944.
96 Dave Gallagher The bassist’s name is Frank Gallagher, as noted elsewhere in the book.
174, 206 Wally Brodus The correct spelling of this saxophonist’s name is Wallace “Brodis.”
196 Joe Gordon Joe Gordon was 15 or 16 when he played with Hopeton Johnson, not 18. He played with Monk and Georgie Auld at the Hi-Hat in 1950, and joined the Sabby Lewis Orchestra in 1951.
206, 253 Wyatt Reuther The correct spelling of this bassist’s name is “Ruther.”
177 Gigi Gryce spends a year in Paris and later forms group with Benny Golson. Gigi Gryce went to Paris to study as stated, but he cut the trip short and returned to the States, probably spending time in New York before returning to Boston and the Conservatory. He did not form the Jazz Lab with Benny Golson as stated; he formed it with Donald Byrd.
207 Photo caption, with Jake Hanna and Gene Cherico This is beyond embarrassing. First I find out the bassist is Earl May. Then I find out the drummer is Jimmy Zitano. My apologies for the mistaken identities.
223 Chris Swanson The correct spelling of this trombonist and composer’s name is “Swansen.”
227 George Wein started the summer jazz series at Castle Hill in 1958. Wrong on two counts. The summer jazz series started in 1955, but it was not Wein’s doing, at least not that early. He booked the series in 1961.
248 Frank Loesser Loesser did not write Wonderful Town. Leonard Bernstein composed the music and Betty Comden and Adolph Green wrote the lyrics.

Finally, there is one error of omission: the Library of Congress Control Number is 2012937578.

I hope that this list stays mercifully short.