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Boston’s Jazz All Night Concert

In the 1970s, Bostonians enjoyed a welcome one-night respite from their long winter blues: the Jazz All Night Concert. This twelve-hour music marathon, held in February at the Church of the Covenant in the Back Bay, brought the jazz congregation together for a night of great music during some difficult and racially charged years.

Jazz Image of All Night concert poster, 1981
Jazz All Night Concert poster, 1981

The Jazz Coalition was the organizing force behind the Jazz All Night concert. Formed in July 1971, this non-profit advocacy group had two goals. The first was pragmatic: to help area musicians find places to play. The second was more ambitious: to bring together like-minded souls in a “jazz community”—a new idea in Boston in 1971. It called on musicians, educators, the media, venue owners, fans—everybody—to come together to create an atmosphere in which jazz could be respected and sustained.

Two of the Jazz Coalition’s founders and prime movers remain as pillars of the Boston jazz scene today: Mark Harvey and Arni Cheatham.

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Jan 15, 1977: Benefit for the Creative Music Studio

This is another one of those concerts I haven’t been able to learn anything about, but nonetheless it seems significant and I wanted to mark the date and post a facsimile of the event’s flyer. Some of the usual suspects were involved—the Jazz/Arts Ministry and the Jazz Coalition, and the site was the benefit-friendly Church of the Covenant.

The actual Creative Music Studio was located in Woodstock, New York. It was a program run by the non-profit Creative Music Foundation, founded by Karl Berger in 1971. This Boston benefit concert featured several musicians long associated with the CMS, including Michael Gregory Jackson and Ed Blackwell, and other notables chipped in to help, including Boston-based players like Jimmy Giuffre and Baird Hersey.

If anyone can fill me in on this show, or on Boston artists who were involved with the Creative Music Studio, I’d appreciate it. In the meantime, here’s the flyer.

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April 21, 2007: Welcome Back, Jazz Week!

Jazz Week 2007 logo
Jazz Week 2007

JazzBoston kicked off a renewed and revived Boston Jazz Week, the first in 24 years, on April 21, 2007.

From 1973 to 1983, the Boston’s Jazz Coalition sponsored Jazz Week, an annual springtime burst of energy that found jazz music in venues likely and unlikely, at all times of day, and played by a few name bands and many local ones.

Saxophonist, photographer and activist Arni Cheatham was the Vice President of the Jazz Coalition in 1981, and at the start of Jazz Week that year, he told the Boston Globe’s Ernie Santosuosso: “The overall idea of Boston Jazz Week from the beginning was to show people who live here that, sure, there’s a considerable thrill to hearing a name artist, but there is as much good music happening in a setting with the people who live here and who are as serious about their craft and who are excellent performers as well. We hope to stimulate interest in them and to assist in audience development for these artists.”

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